Gaels place four in the top six to defeat 2019 MIAA champs

At long last fall high school sports are back, as the 2020 season, delayed since August by the COVID-19 pandemic, got underway with cross country competition, on Saturday, as part of the open-season allowed by the MIAA.

The meet, as all events involving MIAA teams this fall, is not part of an official league, but for the athletes the completion is real. In its season-opener Mount St. Joseph defeated Calvert Hall, 23-32, by sweeping the top two spots and taking four of the top six positions.

Tony Boscolo claimed the race victory for the Gaels by covering the course in 17:05, on a 70-degree day. He finished just two seconds in front of teammate Sean Miller. The Gaels’ Kevin Zaleski came in fourth, Will Sakowicz ran sixth and Noah Allen capped the scoring for MSJ by placing 10th.

Charles Dance was Calvert Hall’s top finisher, placing third. The Cardinals’ Adam Brocato finished in fifth place, while Nicholas Gonzalez, Spencer Doyle and Cameron Davis captured 7th, 8th and 9th, respectively.

“Great team win today,” said St. Joe coach Jack Peach. “Calvert Hall is a talented squad and we will likely have a close meet with them at championships.”


Mount St. Joseph 23, Calvert Hall 32
Varsity (course 3.07 miles) 70 degrees and humid
1. Tony Boscolo MSJ 17:05
2. Sean Miller MSJ 17:07
3. Charles Dance CH 17:07
4. Kevin Zaleski MSJ 17:14
5. Adam Brocato CH 17:20
6. Will Sakowicz MSJ 17:22
7. Nicholas Gonzalez CH 17:42
8. Spencer Doyle CH 17:42
9. Cameron Davis CH 17:50
10. Noah Allen MSJ 18:03
11. Luke Deutschlmann CH 18:11
12. Gavin Craig MSJ 18:12
13. Drew Clark MSJ 18:27
14. Matt Magic MSJ 18:34
15. Lewis Hobbs CH 18:36
16. Posavec CH 18:38
17. Rory Rutledge CH 18:35
18. Connelly CH 18:58