The Mount Saint Joseph indoor track team took an early lead at Friday night’s MIAA championship meet and appeared to have things in command. But someone forgot to tell that to defending champion Gilman.

The Greyhounds rallied and cut the lead to about five points, but the Gaels hung on to win, 120.33-113. That’s the third consecutive title Mount Saint Joseph has won in track/cross country, dating back to last spring in outdoor track. The Gaels did not compete in last winter’s meet because the school was closed due to the blizzard one week before, and school policy would not permit them to go.

On the girls’ side, Maryvale kept up its own streak. The Lions won the IAAM A Conference cross country, indoor and outdoor track titles last year. They won cross country last fall and easily captured indoor track Friday, beating out McDonogh, 171-136.

For the boys, Mount Saint Joseph has done well this season and wanted to cap it off with another championship, just like it has done the past few seasons.

“We won in the spring [and fall] and wanted to keep the streak going,” said Ikenna Obi, who took second in the high jump and fourth in the 55-meter dash. We’ve got a lot of good guys on [the team].”

The Gaels got a number of good performances but one of the biggest came from Dallas Ector, who won the pole vault towards the end of the meet. That helped stop the Gilman comeback and played a role in letting St. Joe hold on for the team victory.

“I just go out there and try to have fun with it,” said Ector, who vaulted 12 feet, 3 inches. “I didn’t find out how we were doing [as a team] until afterwards.
The Gaels used wins from Todd Barnes (55-meter hurdles, 7.84) and Christian Carter in the shot put (49 feet, one-half inch) as well as the 800 relay (1:33.09). Hunter Petrik helped with a third-place run in the 1,600 plus fourth in the 3,200 later in the meet.

“We came back [strong],” St. Joe coach Jack Peach said.

But Gilman certainly tried to defend its title. Ayende Watson led the way with a spectacular performance as he won the high jump (6-2), long jump (22-5) and triple jump (45-4). He added a fourth-place finish in the 55 hurdles.

Tory Young won the 500 (1:06.51), and Gilman scored a pair of relay victories. The Greyhounds took the 3,200 relay (8:12.73) and then set a record for this championship meet when winning 1,600 in the night’s final event (3:26.79).

Another big-time performance came from McDonogh’s Dalton Hengst, who won the 800 (1:59.01), 1,600 (4:23.26) and 3,200 (9:36.82). That’s the second consecutive time he’s taken all three of those races in this meet – a very difficult task.

For Maryvale, winning a fifth consecutive championship title proved to be a task that it could do thanks to the strong team effort of coach Jason Miller’s Lions, who’d been working through some injuries in recent days.

“It was stepping up all over the place,” Miller said. “The girls just worked really hard.”

The Lions won the 800 relay in 1:47:84 and the 3,200 relay. Individually, Emily Craig and Paige Adams led the way. Craig took second in the 1,600 early in the meet and later won the 3,200 in 11:44.54. She also ran on the winning 3,200 relay team.

Adams won twice, taking first in the 55 hurdles (8.84) plus the high jump (5 feet), an event where Tara Coyne (second) and Sydney King (third) gave Maryvale a 1-2-3 finish.

Samantha Facius also turned in a strong performance in the A Conference races. The Mount de Sales sophomore won both the 800 (2:21.19) plus the 1,600 (5:14.14).

There was a B Conference division done for the girls – but not for the boys. Glenelg Country School took first in that with 123 points, beating out Catholic with 96 points.

Leading GCS were Briana Basir, Ashley Good and Ime Etokebe. Basir won the 55 hurdles (8.92) and took third in the high jump.

Good won the 800 (2:38.63) while Etokebe captured the long jump (15-0.5) and ended up third in the 55 hurdles.





55 Meter Dash Varsity – Finals x

< td>12

1.11DeJuan Ellis6.51aMcDonogh
2.11Andre Carr6.52aSt Frances
3.11Brendon Stewart6.61aSt Vincent Pallotti
4.12Ikenna Obi6.61aMount Saint Joseph
5.11Joseph Jones6.62aMount Saint Joseph
6.12James Brown6.63aSt Vincent Pallotti
7.11Terrell Smith6.70aSt Frances
8.11Juan Mendoza6.75aMount S
aint Joseph

55 Meter Dash Varsity – Prelims x

1.11Andre Carr6.54aSt Frances
4.11DeJuan Ellis6.55aMcDonogh
2.12Ikenna Obi6.58aMount Saint Joseph
5.11Brendon Stewart6.59aSt Vincent Pallotti
6.11Terrell Smith6.62aSt Frances
3.11Joseph Jones6.65aMount Saint Joseph
7.12James Brown6.66aSt Vincent Pallotti
8.11Juan Mendoza6.68aMount Saint Joseph
9.11Brandon Cook6.69aSt. Marys
10.11Chris Lewis6.71aCalvert Hall College
11.12Lucius Ugorji6.74aArchbishop Curley
12.11Darien Lawson6.76aGilman
13.11Chris Dean6.81aCalvert Hall College
14.11Lewis Shepherd6.81aArchbishop Spalding
15.12Dana Young6.89aLoyola Blakefield
16.10Brevin Easton6.90aArchbishop Spalding
17.11Nick Hopkins6.93aSt. Marys
18.11Ryan Poole6.96aSt. Marys
19.12Deylon Chew6.97aArchbishop Curley
20.12Garrett Randall6.99aLoyola Blakefield
21.10Chris Clark7.02aArchbishop Spalding
22.11Wayne Sharpe7.07aMcDonogh
11Brandon WillisDNSGilman
11Mason FreemanDNSGilman

300 Meters Varsity – Finals x

1.11Brodie Holmes35.66aLoyola Blakefield
2.11Brandon Cook36.03aSt. Marys
3.11DeJuan Ellis36.18aMcDonogh
4.12Lucius Ugorji36.47aArchbishop Curley
5.11Brendon Stewart36.48aSt Vincent Pallotti
6.12James Brown36.59aSt Vincent Pallotti
7.11Jordan Ross36.61aMcDonogh
8.9Dhane Blair36.85aSt. Marys
9.11Brayden Morris37.49aCalvert Hall College
10.11Lewis Shepherd37.88aArchbishop Spalding
11.11Terrell Smith38.38aSt Frances
12.11Andre Carr38.67aSt Frances
13.11Brandon Smith38.82aArchbishop Curley
14.12Darren Dunmoodie39.15aMount Saint Joseph
15.11Joseph Jones39.30aMount Saint Joseph
16.12Leron Ebron40.38aCalvert Hall College
17.12Chris Hailey40.76aMount Saint Joseph
18.11Garth White41.25aSt Frances
11Nicholas EgglestonDNSSt Vincent Pallotti
10Nischal PandeyDNSGilman
10Alton MachenDNSGilman
12David CuthrellDNSCalvert Hall College
12Kobe RobinsonDNSMcDonogh
11Brandon WillisDNSGilman

500 Meters Varsity – Finals x

1.12Tory Young1:06.51aGilman
2.12Austin Eby1:07.74aLoyola Blakefield
3.10Steven Shin1:08.01aArchbishop Spalding
4.11Piper Bond1:08.12aGilman
5.12Khalil Reid1:08.22aArchbishop Curley
6.12Liam Fitzsimmons1:09.69aMount Saint Joseph
7.12Josh Vaughan1:10.61aMount Saint Joseph
8.10Clay McComas1:10.65aCalvert Hall College
9.12Josue Hernandez1:11.59aCalvert Hall College
10.12Jack McErlean1:12.37aLoyola Blakefield
11.10Nischal Pandey1:13.22aGilman
12.10De’Angelo Thompson1:13.61aMcDonogh
13.12Kenny Wiggins1:14.15aLoyola Blakefield
12Deylen ChewDNSArchbishop Curley
11Nate KnightDNSSt Vincent Pallotti
11Nicholas Eggleston

DNSSt Vincent Pallotti

800 Meters Varsity – Finals x

1.11Dalton Hengst1:59.01aMcDonogh
2.12Lucas Wright2:00.25aMcDonogh
3.12Adero Mandala2:01.14aGilman
4.C J Anderson2:02.31aArchbishop Spalding
5.12D’Angelo Shears2:04.74aGilman
6.11Joey Zietowski2:08.27aMount Saint Joseph
7.10Trevor Hickman2:08.30aSt Johns Catholic Prep
8.12James Cardillo2:09.81aSt. Marys
9.10Garrett Shriver2:09.83aGilman
10.12Garrett Keidel2:10.71aMount Saint Joseph
11.11Neil Blanchard2:13.89aLoyola Blakefield
12.12Matt Scheffel2:16.74aArchbishop Curley
12Mac ColombDNSArchbishop Curley

1600 Meters Varsity – Finals x

1.11Dalton Hengst4:23.46aMcDonogh
2.12Lucas Wright4:24.63aMcDonogh
3.11Hunter Petrik4:24.88aMount Saint Joseph
4.11Eric Gibson4:31.47aGilman
5.12Carter Williams4:35.50aMount Saint Joseph
6.12Nathan Jecelin4:42.06aArchbishop Curley
7.10Keith Roberts4:47.72aGilman
8.11James Francis4:49.08aCalvert Hall College
9.10Will Hanna-Leverett4:50.35aArchbishop Curley
10.11Christian Connolly4:51.75aCalvert Hall College
11.9Aganze Nkere4:52.18aLoyola Blakefield
12.11Max Stern4:55.30aGilman
11Matt NutwellDNSSt. Marys

3200 Meters Varsity – Finals x

1.11Dalton Hengst9:36.82aMcDonogh
2.12Max Barbour9:41.41aLoyola Blakefield
3.10Camden Gilmore9:51.01aLoyola Blakefield
4.11Hunter Petrik10:03.24aMount Saint Joseph
5.11Eric Gibson10:23.25aGilman
6.12Luke Davies10:24.98aArchbishop Spalding
7.12Carter Williams10:30.09aMount Saint Joseph
8.11Andrew Brinker10:31.47aMount Saint Joseph
9.10Keith Roberts10:33.11aGilman
10.11James Francis10:33.24aCalvert Hall College
11.11Charlie Shapiro10:52.25aGilman
12.12Mac Colomb11:02.95aArchbishop Curley
13.12Steve Porembski11:08.32aArchbishop Curley
9Will TominovichDNSSt. Marys
9Paul MacdonaldDNSLoyola Blakefield

55m Hurdles – 39″ Varsity – Finals x

1.12Todd Barnes7.84aMount Saint Joseph
2.12Kasey Somerville8.10aSt Vincent Pallotti
3.9Ty Trinh8.16aLoyola Blakefield
4.12Ayende Watson8.28aGilman
5.12David Lovette8.31aCalvert Hall College
6.11Wayne Williams8.33aCalvert Hall College
7.12Michael Wann8.34aArchbishop Curley
8.11Matt McDonald8.57aMount Saint Joseph
9.12Mario Wimbush8.61aArchbishop Curley
10.12Isiah Williamson8.79aLoyola Blakefield
11.12Cammy Melchiorre9.02aLoyola Blakefield
12.11David Pajerowski9.18aJohn Carroll
13.10Quincy Richburg9.70aArchbishop Curley
10Alton MachenDNSGilman
12Aaron JohnsonDNSMount Saint Joseph

4×200 Relay Varsity – Finals x

1.Relay Team1:33.09aMount Saint Joseph
2.Relay Team1:33.37aLoyola Blakefield
3.Relay Team1:33.44aSt. Marys
4.Relay Team1:33.93aArchbishop Curley
5.Relay Team1:33.94aCalvert Hall College
6.Relay Team1:34.08aSt Vincent Pallotti
7.Relay Team1:34.36aArchbishop Spalding
8.Relay Team1:36.47aGilman
9.Relay Team1:46.19aSt Johns Catholic Prep
Relay TeamDNFMcDonogh

4×400 Relay Varsity – Finals x

1.Relay Team3:26.79aGilman
2.Relay Team3:28.56aArchbishop Curley
3.Relay Team3:33.52aLoyola Blakefield
4.Relay Team3:35.21aMcDonogh
5.Relay Team3:36.22aCalvert Hall College
6.Relay Team3:40.77aMount Saint Joseph
7.Relay Team3:48.38aSt. Marys
8.Relay Team3:58.29aSt Johns Catholic Prep
Relay TeamDNSSt Vincent Pallotti
Relay TeamDNSArchbishop Spalding

4×800 Relay Varsity – Finals x

1.Relay Team8:12.73aGilman
2.Relay Team8:16.78aArchbishop Curley
3.Relay Team8:35.65aLoyola Blakefield
4.Relay Team8:37.43aMount Saint Joseph
5.Relay Team8:49.57aSt. Marys
6.Relay Team8:50.39aCalvert Hall College
7.Relay Team9:12.48aSt Vincent Pallotti

Shot Put – 12lb Varsity – Finals x

1.12Christian Carter49-00.50Mount Saint Joseph
2.10D’Von Ellies48-11.50McDonogh
3.11Thomas Booker44-08.25Gilman
4.Tyler Davidson42-11.00Archbishop Curley
5.12Joewan Beamer42-06.75St Vincent Pallotti
6.12Anthony Ruffin42-00.50Mount Saint Joseph
7.12Ahmad McCullough41-09.50Mount Saint Joseph
8.10Luke Whitty40-08.50Calvert Hall College
9.12Dashawn Bailey40-01.00Archbishop Curley
10.11Antonio DiCerbo39-11.75Gilman
11.11Dalton Nichols38-11.50St Johns Catholic Prep
12.9Alex Clevenger38-01.75McDonogh
13.12Kevin Cheseborough38-01.50Loyola Blakefield
14.11Malcolm Mayo37-11.00St Vincent Pallotti
15.12Darrien Holder36-07.50St Vincent Pallotti
12Craig WoodDNSCalvert Hall College

High Jump Varsity – Finals x

1.12Ayende Watson6-02.00Gilman
2.12Ikenna Obi6-02.00Mount Saint Joseph
3.12Isiah Williamson5-10.00Loyola Blakefield
4.10Brevin Easton5-10.00Archbishop Spalding
5.12Gannon Conrad5-10.00Mount Saint Joseph
6.11Mason Freeman5-08.00Gilman
7.12Cammy Melchiorre5-08.00Loyola Blakefield
8.11Colton Harris5-06.00Calvert Hall College
8.12Mason Dalton5-06.00Mount Saint Joseph
8.11Chris Lewis5-06.00Calvert Hall College
11.11Tyree Williams5-06.00Loyola Blakefield
12Malcolm BrownNHArchbishop Curley
11Juwan GravesNHArchbishop Curley

Pole Vault Varsity – Finals x

1.11Dallas Ector12-03.00Mount Saint Joseph
2.12Patrick Sawyer11-06.00Loyola Blakefield
2.12Andrew Ankeny11-06.00Loyola Blakefield
4.12Alex Le10-06.00Archbishop Curley
5.11David Pajerowski10-06.00John Carroll
6.11Ryan O’Boyle10-00.00Calvert Hall College
7.12Robby Reiners10-00.00Loyola Blakefield
8.12Davis Holmes9-06.00Gilman
9.11Kyle Wedemeyer9-06.00John Carroll
10.11Nick Hershfeld9-00.00Mount Saint Joseph
11.12Stephen Tauber8-06.00Archbishop Curley
12Connor MotskoDNSMcDonogh
12Chris ShallowDNSMount Saint Joseph
9Jackson ShelbyNHGilman

Long Jump Varsity – Finals x

1.12Ayende Watson22-05.00Gilman
2.9Ty Trinh20-05.00Loyola Blakefield
3.12Mike Sawyer19-09.00Calvert Hall College
4.11Mason Freeman19-08.25Gilman
5.12Darren Dunmoodie19-06.00Mount Saint Joseph
6.11Juan Mendoza19-02.00Mount Saint Joseph
7.11Julian Arrington18-05.50Gilman
8.11Colton Harris18-00.00Calvert Hall College
9.11Brandon Smith16-07.00Archbishop Curley
10.11Juwan Graves16-06.00Archbishop Curley
11.12Joe Blackwell15-04.00Calvert Hall College
12.11Jacob Johnson14-10.00St Vincent Pallotti
10Kai RichardsDNSLoyola Blakefield
12Lee IngramDNSMcDonogh
11Brandon SavageFOULMount Saint Joseph

Triple Jump Varsity – Finals x

1.12Ayende Watson45-04.00Gilman
2.12Darren Dunmoodie44-07.00Mount Saint Joseph
3.12Mike Sawyer44-03.50Calvert Hall College
4.9Ty Trinh42-10.50Loyola Blakefield
5.11Julian Arrington40-06.00Gilman
6.12Aaron Johnson39-03.00Mount Saint Joseph
7.12Joe Blackwell39-03.00Calvert Hall College
8.11Juwan Graves37-11.00Archbishop Curley
9.10Kiani Freeman36-05.00Archbishop Curley
10.12Malcolm Brown36-04.00Archbishop Curley
10Kai RichardsDNSLoyola Blakefield
11Brandon SavageDNSMount Saint Joseph



55 Meter Dash OPEN – Finals x

< tr id="A10784445" data-result-id="82717158" class="A T18912 A10784445 R82717158">

1.9Ellie Eisner8.00aMcDonogh
2.11Ryan Lewis8.01aThe Catholic High
3.12Marilyn Yamoah8.18aSt Vincent Pallotti
4.10Rose Altenna8.23aSeton Keough
5.10Rachel Hornig8.24aMt de Sales
6.11Sydelle Davis8.29aSt Vincent Pallotti
7.12Tia Rahim8.29aMcDonogh
8.9Bridget Scherer8.32aSt Johns Catholic Prep
9.10Claire Bockstie8.35aMaryvale Prep
10.12Alona Henson8.35aMaryvale Prep
11.10Helen Dawson8.37aBryn Mawr
12.10Mya Graham8.56aThe Catholic High
13.11Imani Vice8.60aBryn Mawr
14.9Angelina Burke8.61aArchbishop Spalding
15.11Paige Kamer8.65aSt Johns Catholic Prep
16.10Shannon Taylor8.66aSeton Keough
17.9Rachel Hlavin8.72aMt de Sales
18.11Rayna Heckman8.75aArchbishop Spalding
19.12Logan Bulls8.80aGarrison Forest
20.10Hadley Saba8.85aRoland Park Country
21.10Grace Paglinauan-Warner8.87aSt Paul’s For Girls
22.11Lilly Derickson9.13aJohn Carroll
23.9Abby Wang9.22aRoland Park Country
24.10Aniyah Adams9.23aSt Paul’s For Girls
25.10Sarah Spaeth9.76aJohn Carroll
12Teagan RathmannDNSKey
12Seryn RathmannDNSKey
12Sarah TowneDNSOldfields
12Kayla LewisDNSOldfields

300 Meters OPEN – Finals x

1.10Lacey Allee-Press44.97aMcDonogh
2.12Tamila Lake46.67aSt Vincent Pallotti
3.10Hannah Folau47.14aMcDonogh
4.9Claire Rogers47.72aSt Johns Catholic Prep
5.10Rachel Hornig47.76aMt de Sales
6.11Sydelle Davis48.05aSt Vincent Pallotti
7.9Vanesa Brecher49.01aBryn Mawr
8.9Lucy Davidov49.28aRoland Park Country
9.10Olivia Cerasoli49.42aMaryvale Prep
10.10Elaina Stevers50.47aMaryvale Prep
11.9Angelina Burke50.52aArchbishop Spalding
12.11Paige Kamer50.60aSt Johns Catholic Prep
13.11Sydney Saunders50.90aRoland Park Country
14.9Logan Smith51.82aArchbishop Spalding
15.10Olivia Morris51.86aOldfields
9Julia HockstraDNSMt de Sales
10Grace Paglinauan-WarnerDNSSt Paul’s For Girls
11Elisha BuieDNSMercy
11Ryan LewisDNSThe Catholic High

500 Meters OPEN – Finals x

1.9Claire Rogers1:27.84aSt Johns Catholic Prep
2.9Lizzie Moessbauer1:32.47aMaryvale Prep
3.11Erin Jones1:33.22aArchbishop Spalding
4.9Morgan Harding1:34.03aMt de Sales
5.10Bailey Mullen1:34.68aThe Catholic High
6.9Juliet Sodergreen1:36.94aArchbishop Spalding
7.11Samantha Meloy1:37.39aSt. Marys
8.12Hali Harris1:38.62aThe Catholic High
9.9Francesca Rosone1:40.83aSt Johns Catholic Prep
10.12Alexandra Litchner1:46.85aMercy
10GiGi MelchiorreDNSRoland Park Country
9Darrielle AlstonDNSMcDonogh
9Brynn EvansDNSMcDonogh

800 Meters OPEN – Finals x

1.12Caroline Sullivan2:36.34aMaryvale Prep
2.12Sydney Phillips2:43.29aMaryvale Prep
3.9Anna Scheffel2:44.31aMt de Sales
4.9Susannah Yezzi2:46.69aBryn Mawr
5.11Emma Hansen2:54.04aThe Catholic High
6.9Faith Sadeghian2:55.83aArchbishop Spalding
7.11Anabelle Franks2:56.18aBryn Mawr
8.9Sophie Rockefeller2:56.97aMcDonogh
9.10Abby Monaco3:05.58aMt de Sales
10.11Lauren Becker3:10.34aJohn Carroll
12Claire McCabeDNSArchbishop Spalding
10Dani JacobsteinDNSMcDonogh
10Briana RamosDNSSt Paul’s For Girls

1600 Meters OPEN – Finals x

1.12Jackie Blair6:01.67aMaryvale Prep
2.9Anna Scheffel6:06.95aMt de Sales
3.10Olivia Robinson6:19.55aBryn Mawr
4.11Anabelle Franks6:26.60aBryn Mawr
5.9Alex Debus6:29.15aMaryvale Prep
6.11Maggie Galloway6:29.44aSt Johns Catholic Prep
7.9Emma Haffer6:39.98aThe Catholic High
8.10Erika Hostrop6:43.35aOldfields
9.10Miles Miller6:56.11aArchbishop Spalding
10.10Allison Woodring6:58.99aThe Catholic High
11.12Catherine Trueschler7:14.74aOldfields
11Hadley LeishmanDNSJohn Carroll
10Anaiya DixonDNSMcDonogh
11Nicole GarzaDNSSt Vincent Pallotti
9Grace GallantDNSKey
9Claire SimondsDNSMcDonogh

55m Hurdles – 33″ OPEN – Finals x

1.12Stephanie Imbierowicz10.66aJohn Carroll
2.10Audrey Barnhart10.71aJohn Carroll
3.10Katie Schinzel11.48aMt de Sales
4.11Jacqueline Asuncion11.51aSt Johns Catholic Prep
5.9Kaylin Cox12.04aMaryvale Prep
6.10Eryka Milanicz12.50aSt Paul’s For Girls
7.12Gabby Amanfo12.56aMaryvale Prep

4×200 Relay OPEN – Finals x

1.Relay Team1:54.73aMcDonogh
2.Relay Team1:59.25aSeton Keough
3.Relay Team2:01.17aMaryvale Prep
4.Relay Team2:03.22aMt de Sales
5.Relay Team2:03.46aBryn Mawr
6.Relay Team2:03.68aSt Vincent Pallotti
7.Relay Team2:03.99aThe Catholic High
8.Relay Team2:08.12aRoland Park Country
9.Relay Team2:10.43aArchbishop Spalding
10.Relay Team2:11.99aSt Johns Catholic Prep
11.Relay Team2:12.03aNotre Dame Preparatory
12.Relay Team2:12.89aOldfields
13.Relay Team2:13.70aJohn Carroll
14.Relay Team2:15.95aGarrison Forest
15.Relay Team2:19.72aSt Paul’s For Girls
16.Relay Team2:24.40aKey

4×400 Relay OPEN – Finals x

1.Relay Team4:38.42aMaryvale Prep
2.Relay Team4:40.45aMcDonogh
3.Relay Team5:04.60aJohn Carroll
4.Relay Team5:06.26aThe Catholic High
5.Relay Team5:06.61aSt Johns Catholic Prep
6.Relay Team5:07.69aMt de Sales
7.Relay Team5:16.78aRoland Park Country
8.Relay Team5:18.81aArchbishop Spalding
9.Relay Team5:21.63aSt Paul’s For Girls
10.Relay Team5:34.24aGarrison Forest

Shot Put – 4kg OPEN – Finals x

1.12Erin Leonard29-01.00Maryvale Prep
2.9Charis Harcum26-07.00St Paul’s For Girls
3.10Adia Hill26-00.50Bryn Mawr
4.10Anne Noon25-08.00Bryn Mawr
5.11Sydney Rector25-04.00The Catholic High
6.9Kayla Brunson24-06.00Maryvale Prep
7.10Julianne Schallmo23-07.00The Catholic High
8.9Katie Novotny23-01.50Roland Park Country
9.10Libby Shannon22-05.50Oldfields
10.11Rachael Hughes21-05.50St Johns Catholic Prep
11.9Kyla Vendemia21-05.00St. Marys
12.10Angelica Wyche21-03.50Seton Keough
13.12Kaleigh Molinari21-01.50Archbishop Spalding
14.9Allison Shanley20-00.50St Johns Catholic Prep
15.10Angelina Baran19-10.50St Paul’s For Girls
16.9Darrielle Alston19-04.50McDonogh
17.12Kelly George19-02.00Archbishop Spalding
18.10Syndney Stinnett18-09.75Seton Keough
9Katie MacejikDNSMcDonogh
10Allison MosesDNSMt de Sales