Venue shifts to Gilman; St. Joe has seven No. 1 seeds

After a long run at Mount St. Joseph, the MIAA Wrestling Tournament has moved to Gilman’s Redmond C.S. Finney Athletic Center for its 2019 edition, which will take place this Friday and Saturday, as the area’s premier wrestling conference crowns its individual champions and team tournament champion.

Although they will not be in the comfy confines of their home facility, make no mistake, the Gaels of St. Joe, the area’s top-ranked team, are heavy favorites to capture the team crown once again.

The Gaels have the top seed in seven of this weekend’s 14 weight classes. McDonogh is second with four top seeds, St. Paul’s has two and Archbishop Spalding has one.

Below is the complete list of seeds for each weight class, followed by the schedule for the weekend.

1-Nasir Wilkinson (St. Paul’s)
2-Brady Pruett (Spalding)
3-Joe Couch (Mt. St. Joe)
4-Ryan Money (Severn)
5-Jimmy Douglass (Loyola)
6-William Bressner (Gilman)
7-Julianne Moccia (John Carroll)
8-Greg Mechpuc (Gerstell)

1-Cooper Flynn (McDonogh)
2-Wil Guida (St. Paul’s)
3-Tyler Trout (Mt. Carmel)
4-Jacob Wright (Mt. St. Joe)
5-Matty Walsh (Loyola)
6-Brennan McKneely (Glenelg Country)
7-Cedric Tyson (Boys’ Latin)
8-Christian Kalb (Curley)

1-Chris Barnabae (Mt. St. Joe)
2-Shawn Strand (Loyola)
3-Drew Baublitz (Spalding)
4-Andy Weinstein (Gilman)
5-Adrian Triguero (Curley)
6-Earl Chambers (St. Mary’s)
7-Quin Smith (Friends)
8-Sam Bruce (Severn)

1-Nathan Porter (Mt. St. Joe)
2-PJ Truntich (Spalding)
3-Gene Quodala (St. Paul’s)
4-Cole Myers (Loyola)
5-Kenell Washington (Curley)
6-Joey Conte (St. Mary’s)
7-Zakiy Gasparovic (Friends)
8-Nathan Crouse (Boys’ Latin)

1-Ray Kable (McDonogh)
2-Joe Fisk (Spalding)
3-Clement Woods (Mt. St. Joe)
4-Ryan Eby (Loyola)
5-Cole Jones (John Carroll)
6-Cam Ward (Gilman)
7-Ryan Becker (Curley)
8-Jeremy Wright (Pallotti)

1-Rick Couch (Spalding)
2-Sean Scott (McDonogh)
3-Matthew Jun (Mt. St. Joe)
4-Matt Mitrega (John Carroll)
5-Jeremiah Aybar (Loyola)
6-Nick Kobrick (Curley)
7-Jack Goodenough (Friends)

1-Connor Strong (Mt. St. Joe)
2-Max Hammond (St. Paul’s)
3-Josh Aybar (Loyola)
4-Nick Paolucci (Spalding)
5-Brad LaBella (Severn)
6-Ryan Leventhal (McDonogh)
7-Rami Tadros (Gerstell)
8-Sean Martin (Mt. Carmel)

1-Chris Roybal (Mt. St. Joe)
2-Garrett Fisk (Spalding)
3-Harrison Trahan (McDonogh)
4-Everett McDuffie (St. Paul’s)
5-Tristan McKneely (Glenelg Country)
6-Will Riley (Curley)
7-Ben Breschi (Loyola)
8-Mason Alford-James (Boys’ Latin)

1-Zach Phillips (Mt. St. Joe)
2-Dylan Blau (St. Paul’s)
3-CJ Polesovsky (John Carroll)
4-James Conway (Loyola)
5-Pace Schwarz (Friends)
6-Dylan Lewis (Spalding)
7-William Gardner (St. Mary’s)

1-Dominic Solis (McDonogh)
2-Jonathan Short (Mt. St. Joe)
3-Mikey Neal (Calvert Hall)
4-Tobi Majekodunmi (Curley)
5-Pat Bisaha (Mt. Carmel)
6-Matt Parker (Spalding)
7-Kezmond Elliott (Gilman)
8-Cameron Gibson (John Carroll)

1-Justin Henry (Mt. St. Joe)
2-Jackson Bonitz (McDonogh)
3-Ian Takas (Loyola)
4-Kevonte Beard (Gilman)

1-Jack Parr (St. Paul’s)
2-Jack Wimmer (McDonogh)
3-Ethan Stern (Mt. St. Joe)
4-Garett Butt (Curley)
5-Isaac Lee (Gilman)
6-Tyler Rhodes (Pallotti)
7-Jake Wright (Loyola)

1-Garrett Kappes (McDonogh)
2-Parker Warner (Mt. St. Joe)
3-Mattheus Carroll (Gilman)
4-Mike Vargas (Curley)
5-Maximus Grofans (Pallotti)
6-Aaron Kafes (Mt. Carmel)

1-Isaac Righter (Mt. St. Joe)
2-Bennett Traurig (Loyola)
3-Cody Williams (McDonogh)
4-Jeremiah Trotman (Curley)

Friday Feb 8th – Wrestling begins at 3:30pm.
(1st round, Quarterfinals, 1st round consolations, Quarterfinal consolations)

Saturday Feb 9th
9:15am (Semifinals and third round of consolations)
11:15am (Consolation semifinals)
1:00pm (Finals – 1st, 3rd, 5th on 3 mats)