First off, how is it watching your brother, Wells, play at Hopkins? How’s he enjoying it?

“He loves it.  He hasn’t said anything bad about it.  He only has positive things to say.  I’m sure it’s nerve racking for anyone playing on ESPN for their first time, but he’s been settling in well and looks pretty comfortable out there.” 

Shack, who recently committed to Hopkins in November, is looking forward to playing with the Blue Jays and especially looking forward to being able to play with his brother for one season.

Who in your family has probably had the biggest influence on your game? 

“All of my brothers really influenced me in different ways.  Obviously my older brother had the biggest impact on me, especially when I was younger because he was the best.  But over time it’s really progressed into all of my brothers giving me pointers and telling me what to do and what not to do in different situations.”

What colleges were you interested in playing at and did the incentive to play with Wells factor into your decision making process?

“The other schools that I looked at were Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina but in the end Hopkins was the one for me.  The fact that I knew I was going to be playing with Wells definitely played a part in my decision because it was awesome being teammates with him at Boys’ Latin.  He’s a great player and I hope to be as good as him some day, so I’m definitely looking forward to playing with him in college.”

Can you describe your style of play and what advantages you have going into the upcoming 2012 season?  Who would you say is the most similar to you in terms of playing style?

“I’d say my style of play is most similar to Wells out of all my brothers just because I’ve grown up watching him play so much and taking stuff from him and incorporating it into my own game.  One difference between Wells and I is that I’m bigger and I can use my body more, so hopefully I can use that to my ability.  But then again he might be a little quicker than I am, so we’ll see.”

How has Bob Shriver been for you personally as a coach and a mentor?

“Coach Shriver’s an awesome guy.  He knows the right time to get on you and the right time to stay off you.  And he knows when to just let you play your game.  He’s had a huge influence on me and he’s just an overall great coach.”

When asked about the pressure of coming from a family with so many lacrosse standouts, Shack simply laughed and claimed it only motivates him to perform better.

“It’s not really pressure.  It’s more like an incentive to work harder.  It drives me to want to be as great as them or even better.”

Can you compare last year’s team to the current one?  What would you say is the biggest difference?

“Well, last year we had a great senior class with a lot of talent.  But this year I feel we’re going to be a younger team so guys from the junior and sophomore class really need to step it up, along with the current seniors.  So, I think it’ll be a lot different than last year’s team in terms of the senior talent.”

Finally, who do you think is going to shine this season and have a strong, positive impact on the team?   

“Two players that I definitely think are going to make an impact are Michael Lynch and Tally Bruno.  They both have incredible athleticism and I really think they have the talent to make an impact this year.”