Event returns after one-year hiatus, no outside spectators allowed; See the seeds here

by Billy Loverocket

The MIAA wrestling tournament is possibly the toughest and most grueling of all the conference tournaments in Maryland. Afterall, you have two traditional powerhouses in tow, McDonogh and Mount St. joseph, plus teams that have recently ascended to the state’s top echelon (Calvert Hall, Gilman, Loyola, and Archbishop Spalding). All six of these teams sit in the MSWA’s top 25 in the team rankings.

With McDonogh having a down season by their standards and Calvert Hall, Gilman, and Spalding having holes created by late season injuries, the title race will likely come down to Loyola an Mt. St. Joe. The two squads met twice this season in dual meets, with Loyola winning the first and St. Joe taking the second.

Individually, the weight classes are loaded with state ranked wrestlers (many of them in the top 10 of their respective weights). So, while the team race won’t have as many contenders this year, the individual crowns will be hotly contested.

There are a couple notable changes with this edition. The tournament at Gilman will be run all in one day on Saturday instead of the usual two days. And lastly, outside fans will not be permitted to attend. The only spectators allowed are parents/relatives of each wrestler. Two tickets for each kid were distributed at Thursday night’s seeding meeting.

If you are one of the folks who received a ticket, wrestling starts at 9:30 a.m., with semifinals starting around 12:30 p.m. and the finals at 3 p.m. (All times are tentative as the plan is to keep rolling with no breaks).

The results of the seeding meeting are below.

1-Sean Garretson (Spalding)
2-William Hudson (Mt. St. Joe)
3-Cayden Farver (Loyola)
4-Nicky Melfi (Severn)
5-Anthony Conte (St. Mary’s)
6-Colin Moon (Friends)

1-Carter Nogle (Mt. St. Joe)
2-Zach Glory (Gilman)
3-Griffin Stewart (Calvert Hall)
4-Logan Kisner (Loyola)
5-Jack Bruffey (Gerstell Academy)
6-Dylan Briles (Spalding)
7-Seve Lombardo (Boys’ Latin)

1-Coleman Nogle (Mt. St. Joe)
2-Billy DeKraker (McDonogh)
3-Emmitt Sherlock (Gilman)
4-Brandyn Fish (Loyola)
5-Christian Kalb (Curley)
6-Michael Greenstreet (Severn)
7-Aidan Kammar (Calvert Hall)

1-Tyson Sherlock (Gilman)
2-Brady Pruett (Spalding)
3-Jimmy Douglas (Loyola)
4-Aiden “Bear” Whiteside (Severn)
5-Michael Banks (Mt. Carmel)
6-Rowen Myers (Gerstell Academy)

1-Jacob Wright (Mt. St. Joe)
2-Enzo Bell (McDonogh)
3-Cedric Tyson (Boys’ Latin)
4-Gordon Griffith (Spalding)
5-Matthew Lomabardo (Calvert Hall)
6-Buck Franklin (Gilman)
7-Sameer Nasir (Gerstell Academy)
8-Johan Shattuck (Friends)
9-Trevor Randolph (Loyola)

1-Judah Aybar (Loyola)
2-Cameron Cannaday (Mt. St. Joe)
3-William Bressner (Gilman)
4-Charlie Gessford (Spalding)
5-Connor Bollinger (McDonogh)
6-Michael Binder (Gerstell Academy)
7-Teddy Davies (Boys’ Latin)
8-Keller Neuman (St. John’s Catholic)
9-Conner Anderson (Calvert Hall)

1-Ryan Money (Severn)
2-Matty Walsh (Loyola)
3-Ian Moccia (John Carroll)
4-Andre Allen (Spalding)
5-Bradley Lintz (Curley)
6-Colin Krause (Mt. St. Joe)
7-Byron Baldwin (Calvert Hall)
8-Owen Galliani (Boys’ Latin)

1-Richard Fedalen (McDonogh)
2-Joe Fisk (Spalding)
3-Nicolas Barnabae (Mt. St. Joe)
4-Dallas Mattheu (Loyola)
5-Landon Bell (Gerstell Academy)
6-Dylan Kamenetz (Gilman)

1-Jeremiah Aybar (Loyola)
2-Drew Salazar (Spalding)
3-Austin Lewis (Mt. St. Joe)
4-Gabriel Smith (Gilman)
5-Nick Arnold (Gerstell Academy)
6-Gavin Drucis (St. Mary’s)
7-Joel Nagy (Calvert Hall)

1-Drew Baublitz (Spalding)
2-Cole Myers (Loyola)
3-Noah Onkst (McDonogh)
4-Jesse Rappazzo (Mt. St. Joe)
5-Reid Gills (Severn)
6-Jack Nuermberger (Gilman)
7-Duncan Kammar (Calvert Hall)
8-Nathan Crouse (Boys’ Latin)

1-Bryce Phillips (Mt. St. Joe)
2-Carson Mingo (Gilman)
3-Gavin Proutt (Boys’ Latin)
4-Hudson Holmes (Friends)
5-Aiden Shenck (Severn)
6-Matthew Liszweski (St. Mary’s)

1-Gerard Johnson (McDonogh)
2-Ashton Knight (Mt. St. Joe)
3-Riley McClure (Boys’ Latin)
4-Matt Conroy (Calvert Hall)
5-Gary Exum (Mt. Carmel)
6-Marcus Walker (Gilman)
7-Naji Saleh (Curley)

1-Alex Fichter (Loyola)
2-Spencer Toth (Mt. St. Joe)
3-Brandon Lewis (Curley)
4-Ben Gunsior (McDonogh)
5-Jack Hayman (Severn)

1-Bryce Purnell (Spalding)
2-Luke Randazzo (Loyola)
3-Gavin Bage (Mt. St. Joe)
4-Ahmir Crawley (Gilman)
5-RJ Thornburg (Pallotti)
6-William Mallonee (Friends)
7-Maxwell Ohamou (Calvert Hall)
8-Xavier Medina (Mt. Carmel)