Dons only loss was to champion Glenelg, 36-34

The Bauerlein Duals has always been an early season gauge for a few of Maryland’s perennial power teams. Glenelg, Hereford, Loyola and Urbana have been mainstays at the event and always put on a show.

If the early results are an indicator for the rest of the season, Glenelg and Loyola must feel pretty good about their outlooks. Glenelg stormed through the two-day competition dominating all the competition, except a close battle with Loyola, in which they walked away with a two-point win, 36-34.

The Gladiators put up easy wins over Silver Oak Academy (78-6), Manchester Valley (58-16), Catoctin (72-8), Hereford (59-12) and Francis Scott Key (78-6).

“I thought we wrestled tough,” Glenelg coach, and 2017-18 VSN Coach of the Year, Matt Bichner said. “Loyola wasn’t a great match up for us but our light weight guys battled tough. I thought some of our older guys could’ve have stepped up and made that match more one-sided but the other guys picked them up, it’s still early and a few of our starters have only been in the room for a few weeks with the football team making the state finals.

“I expect our team to get better as the season progresses, but I was happy to get (Sam) Alsheimer a matchup with (Kevin) Makosy and push our high level guys to get better. Overall, it was a good first tournament, but we have a lot of growing to do before the end of the season. I am excited to see what we become in the next couple months.”

The Makosy/Alsheimer match provided one of the few highlights for Urbana in a match they lost, 54-16. Makosy, the state’s top ranked 195lber, beat Alsheimer, who was a 2A/1A state runner-up last year. Makosy is the defending 4A/3A state champ and currently ranked No. 18 in the country by Intermat.

At last year’s Bauerlein Duals, Glenelg beat Urbana, who would go on to win the 3A state dual meet title, 40-27. Urbana downed Loyola, 35-22, last year.
This year though, The Dons turned the tables on Urbana and romped to a 57-18 win. Loyola also had big wins over Hereford 57-15 and Manchester Valley, 49-16.

“Defeating a team like Urbana is definitely a highlight,” said Loyola coach Steve Truitt. “They have consistently been a top team in the area for a long time. They have tough kids who are always well coached. It was the first match of the second day, so I was worried the guys might come out a little flat. Same thing with the Hereford match – but we’re going to just keep doing what we’re doing. And if we do that, I like our chances against most teams.

“Our matches with Glenelg are always tight and this year was no different. I think the last five matches have been decided by less than ten points. In our match preparations, we had it coming down to the last match and it did. As I told the team after the match, I’m disappointed with the outcome but not with their effort. If we are at full strength, it might be a different result. But no excuses, I have to tip my cap to Coach Bichner and his staff. They got the job done. Glenelg has an excellent team that will definitely be in the mix for a state title.”

Truitt continued.

“Overall, I am very pleased with our performance. The guys wrestled hard and I’m proud of them for how they competed. This team has a nice mix of older, experienced guys and also some very talented young guns. We started five freshman and three sophomores this weekend, so that bodes well for the future of Loyola wrestling. We’ll get back into the room on Monday, go over my notes on each kid, and get back to work.”

Hereford came in third place by pulling off a surprising win over Urbana, and downing Manchester Valley. Jimmy Kells (170) picked up the 100th win in his career when he received a forfeit versus Loyola on Friday night.

Box Scores of highlight matches available to VSN:

Glenelg vs Urbana
113 Lopez Campos (G) fall Mckee (U) 6-0
120 Campanile (G) dec Steinheimer (U) 9-0
126 Hansberger (G) tfall Acton (U) 14-0
132 Rohn (U) mdec Kraemer (G) 14-4
138 Scates (U) fall Fleece (G) 14-10
145 Thomas (G) fall Savoy (U) 20-10
152 Arneson (G) dec Kingsbury (G) 20-13
160 Jones (G) mdec Light (U) 24-13
170 Sotka (G) fall Liposky (U) 30-13
182 Arnone (G) fft 36-13
195 Makosy (U) dec Alsheimer (G) 36-16
220 Conti (G) fall Schifano (U) 42-16
285 Doyle (G) fft 48-16
106 Ridenour (G) fall Natalie (U) 54-16

Glenelg vs Loyola
120 Strand (L) fall Campanile (G) 0-6
126 Myers (L) fall Kraemer (G) 0-12
132 Hansberger (G) fall Amaral (L) 6-12
138 Day (L) dec Fleece (G) 6-15
145 Thomas (G) fall Eby (L) 12-15
152 Je.Aybar (L) fall Kingsbury (G) 12-21
160 Jo.Aybar (L) dec Jones (G) 12-24
170 Sotka (G) dec Conway (L) 15-24
182 Arnone (G) fall Fichter (L) 21-24
195 Alsheimer (G) fft 27-24
220 Conti (G) fall Wright (L) 33-24
285 Traurig (L) fall Whitsett (G) 33-30
106 Ridenour (G) dec Douglas (L) 36-30
113 Walsh (L) mdec Lopez Campos (G) 36-34

Glenelg vs Manchester Valley
126 Hansberger (G) fall Hernandez (M) 6-0
132 Green (M) fall Kraemer (G) 6-6
138 Fleece (G) fall Zegenfuse (M) 12-6
145 Thomas (G) dec Schaffer (M) 15-6
152 Chenoweth (M) mdec Kingsbury (G) 15-10
160 Jones (G) dec Mattson (M) *Glenelg team point deduction 17-10
170 Warner (M) fall Sotka (G) *Glenelg team point deduction 16-16
182 Arnone (G) fall Welsh (M) 22-16
195 Alsheimer (G) fall Livingston (M) 28-16
220 Conti (G) fall Renfro (M) 34-16
285 Doyle (G) fall Mueller (M) 40-16
106 Ridenour (G) fall York (M) 46-16
113 Lopez Campos (G) fall Herndon 52-16
120 Campanile (G) fall Brown 58-16

Glenelg vs Hereford
145 Thomas (G) fall Mcmurdy (H) 6-0
152 Kingsbury (G) fall Zinkhan (H) 12-0
160 Jones (G) fall Khan (H) 18-0
170 Kells (H) dec Sotka (G) 18-3
182 Arnone (G) fall Miller (H) 24-3
195 Alsheimer (G) fft 30-3
220 Conti (G) fall Contreras (H) 36-3
285 Goodwin (H) dec Whitsett (G) 36-6
106 Ridenour (G) fall Traband (H) 42-6
113 Lopez Campos (G) dec Amos (H) 45-6
120 Vandergrift (H) fall Campanile (G) 45-12
126 Kraemer (G) dec Wickiser (H) 48-12
132 Hansberger (G) tfall Bowen (H) 53-12
138 Fleece (G) fall Singh (H) 59-12

Loyola 57, Urbana 18
132-Austin Rohn (U) pinned Luke Amaral, :24
138-Kyree Day (L) dec Scates, 8-0
145-Jeremiah Aybar (L) pinned Saudt, :28
152-Josh Aybar (L) pinned Arneson, 1:54
160-Michael Light (U) dec Ben Breschi, 5-3
170-James Conway (L) pinned Liposky, 3:05
182-Fichter (L) pinned Reyes, 3:45
195-Kevin Maksoy (U) pinned Jake Wright, 2:52
220-Anthony Schifano (U) dec Adrien Russell, 9-3
285-Bennet Traurig (L) won by forfeit
106-Jimmy Douglass (L) won by forfeit
113-Matty Walsh (L) pinned Alex McKee, :40
120-Deshawn Strand (L) pinned Steinheimer, 4:13
126-Cole Myers (L) tech-fall Colin Acton, 16-1

Loyola 57, Hereford 15
106-Noah Traband (H) dec Jimmy Douglass, 10-7
113-Matty Walsh (L) maj-dec Jack Amos, 14-0
120-Deshawn Strand (L) dec Morgan Vandergrift, 5-4
126-Cole Myers (L) tech-fall Jack Wickiser, 16-0
132-Luke Amaral (L) dec Andrew Bowen, 7-1
138-Kyree Day (L) pinned Daniel Singh, 2:56
145-Jeremiah Aybar (L) pinned Ryan McMurdy, 2:20
152-Josh Aybar (L) pinned Maximus Zinkhan, :43
160-James Conway (L) pinned George Koutsoubs, 2:09
170-Jimmy Kells (H) won by forfeit
182-Wille Miller (H) pinned Alex Fichter, 2:45
195-Jake Wright (L) won by forfeit
220-Adrian Russell (L) pinned Levis Cantreras, 3:59
285-Bennett Traurig (L) pinned josh Goodwin, 2:34