Today, Varsity Sports Network celebrates our 10th Anniversary; We will celebrate with a special series on the greatest athletes from our first decade of coverage

by Gary Adornato

Statistics kept by the Small Business Administration state that half of all new small businesses last for five years or less. Further, only about one-third of all businesses survive long enough to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Well, today, count Varsity Sports Network among that fortunate third.

Born against all odds and continuing to survive despite a pandemic that has shut down our exclusive subject matter, high school sports, for the past six months, VSN marches forward.

Despite the recent absence of the games and competitions we all love so much, high school sports remain a critical element in all that is good and pure in what we love about athletic competition. In addition to their role as a proving ground for all future college and professional stars, prep sports provide a wealth of life lessons for the hundreds of thousands of young athletes who will never reach the higher levels of competition.

Accountability, teamwork, problem solving, sportsmanship, leadership and failure are just a few of the lessons that come with a commitment to a sport and a team. There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment that comes from working towards a common goal, whether it be a championship or just the successful execution of a single play. Included in the package are a collection of lifelong memories and treasured relationships.

This is what Varsity Sports Network is all about. This is what we feel today as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary and reflect on all we have accomplished and all of the tough times we have endured as a small business trying to survive.

We have done so through the amazing work of the dedicated writers and freelance contributors, current and past, who share our passion for telling positive stories and shining a light on all of the good in high school sports. We also thank all of the advertisers and sponsors, again current and past, who have supported our efforts. We thank a dedicated group of investors who helped us get off the ground and continue to support us in ways that are immeasurable. We have enormous gratitude for all the athletic directors, coaches and athletes who support our efforts and embrace our coverage. And, of course, we thank our loyal readers and subscribers who make all of this possible.

Despite the current lack of high school sports to cover, we have planned a special treat for our readers which will fill the void over the next several months. Since our first 10 years coincide with the passing of a natural decade, the 2010-2011 season through the 2019-2020 season, we are going to take a look back at many of the greatest athletes and coaches we have covered over the last 10 years — in all sports.

Our team of award winning writers have put their collective memories together and consulted with coaches and other experts to identify the greatest athletes who have competed in high school sports in our coverage area over the last decade, from all major sports, and we will be running a series of features on these athletes throughout the fall and early winter. Our plan is to feature several from each sport and rate them so that you know our opinion on who is, for example, third greatest, second greatest and greatest of the last 10 years. The presentation will vary from sport to sport, but the concept will remain the same throughout.

We hope these stories, which will begin later this week, will spark great memories, possibly a few friendly debates and, ultimately, we hope it provides some entertaining content for you to consume as we await the return of all the sports we love and embark on our next 10 years of operation.

Happy 10th Anniversary to all who love!